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Terraza del Mar Hotel was built in 1947. It is located on the beach in a residential area in Portezuelo, Punta Ballena, 10 km away from Punta del Este. The development of this area was designed by the architect Bonet; its streets are wide and winding. Its beauty stands out for its great amount of trees and forests.

The hotel is located in a land of 10.000 square meters with great gardens, pool and deck. The nature of the area and the excellent sevices that the hotel provides make it a very pleasant place to rest and enjoy of an exquisit cuisine.

Being so close the sea, makes it possible to enjoy different activities at different times of the day. You will be able to watch the sunset, or walk on the sand along the beach. The Punta Ballena beach is one of the most extensive and wide of Punta del Este.

Terraza del Mar has 33 rooms, of which 24 are double with room for two people and 9 duplex where 4 people can stay. All the rooms are spacious, comfortably equiped and have got a balcony with a beautiful view.